Heathrow Airport Terminal 5

Find Parking at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5

Located on the west side of Heathrow, Terminal 5 is home to BA. It is the busiest of Heathrow's 4 functioning terminals. Use Heathrowparking.com to find a selection of all best and most economical parking services at T5.

The choice of parking at Terminal 5 ranges from quick and convenient Meet and Greet parking to great value Park and Ride services where you park your car then catch a free shuttle to the airport.

Parking Companies

Parking providers at Terminal 5 Heathrow include Meet Greet GO and Purple Parking. All operators featured on Heathrowparking.com offer professional and secure car parking.


Terminal 5 is home to British Airways and offers direct flights to numerous destinations including New York, Milan, Madrid, Bangkok, Dubai, Dublin, New Delhi and Tokyo.

Carriers operating from Terminal 5

Terminal 5, the largest free-standing structure in the UK, is home to British Airways. Only one other airline operates from the terminal and that's Iberia. BA provide the most routes to and from Heathrow Airport.

  • BritishAirways
  • Iberia

Hotels with Parking at Terminal 5

There are a number of hotels at Terminal 5 that offer Park and Fly deals such as the Sofitel Hotel. Stay overnight at the hotel and park your car on-site. Walk into T5 via an undercover walkway.

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Parking at Terminal 5

All operators on Heathrowparking.com provide car parking at Terminal 5. The most popular type of parking at this terminal is Meet and Greet. Meet and Greet parking services operate from inside the Short stay car park at Terminal 5. Drive to the terminal and into the Short stay car park where you will handover your vehicle to a driver. You are then free to walk into the flight check-in zones in minutes.

On your return your car is delivered back to you in the same area of the Short stay car park. This means no shuttle bus transfers are required with meet and greet parking. Meet Greet GO is a popular choice for Terminal 5 parking.