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Official Parking at Heathrow Airport

BAA - the company that runs Heathrow Airport - operate a number of car parks on-site at the terminals which are referred to as "official parking". All terminals are served by BAA official parking.

Terminals 1 to 3

Business Parking Plus Terminal 1

Business Parking Plus Terminal 1 is a special parking facility aimed at business travellers and holidaymakers who want to spare themselves the hassle of dealing with public transportation. The great thing about booking in advance is that passengers will not have to spend time hunting for a parking space when they arrive at Heathrow Airport. Simply make a quick phone call or arrange the service on line and sit back and relax for a while.

When you arrive at Business Park Plus simply collect a ticket from the machine at the barrier and then follow the signs that lead to the open zone. Once you have parked you will be able to take the complimentary transfer bus to Terminal 1.
The Business Parking Plus car park is located at the northern entrance of Heathrow Airport close to the tunnel entrance leading to Terminals 1 and 3. To get there, leave the M4 at Junction 4 and follow the signs that lead the way to Terminal 4 Long Stay and Business Parking. Next, take a right onto Northern Perimeter Road and then follow the signs to Business Park Plus. Turn right and follow the one-way system on Newport Road, taking the third exit onto Northern Perimeter Road where you will see Business Park Plus immediately on the left.

After you return to Terminal 1 at the end of your holiday or business trip you will be able to hop into the transfer bus at the stop on the upper forecourt just outside the terminal building. The driver will be able to take you directly to your parking space, and there is a phone for use out of hours. The regular shuttle bus hours are from 05:00 until 23:00. However, if you touch down between these times, simply make use of the phone and you will be collected from the bus stop, even if you are the only passenger.
When you leave the parking facility simply take your entry ticket to the customer service office that can be found near the exit and make sure that you quote your personal booking reference number.
Blue Badge holders will be able to make use of special bays located near the entrance to the car park. Disabled passengers are well catered for here, and wheelchair access is provided on each and every transfer coach.

Business Parking Terminals 1 to 3

Travellers who are flying in and out of Heathrow Airport for business (and leisure) trips will be able to make use of the professional Business Parking Terminals 1 to 3 facility. Located just a mile from these terminals, this large car park is particularly convenient for people that need to make every minute count when they travel.

Formerly known as Pink Elephant, Business Parking Terminals 1 to 3 is Park Mark Accredited, which means that the site has been fully checked by police to ensure that it features all the latest safety measures necessary to keep vehicles safe and secure.
Business Parking Terminals 1 to 3 can be found on the Northern Perimeter Road. In order to reach the parking facility motorists should leave the M4 at Junction 4 and follow the signs for Heathrow Airport. Look out for the signs for Business Parking and take a left at the exit just before the airport tunnel. Take a right at the roundabout and turn right onto Northern Perimeter Road at the traffic lights.

The parking facility uses a special Automatic Number Plate Recognition system, which comes into play when you approach the entry barrier in your vehicle. The Automatic Number Plate Recognition system scans your number plate and prints a ticket with your registration and booking reference number before lifting to allow you to drive into the car park. This means that it is important to enter the correct registration number of your vehicle when booking.
Complimentary transfers are available to your terminal building of choice every four to eight minutes and the journey is smooth and simple. Passengers can also walk to the terminal building if they prefer. The shuttle bus runs to schedule between 05:30 and 2230 each day. Passengers that need to make use of the service outside these hours can do so on request.

Passengers that are returning to Heathrow Airport at the end of their trip will be able to catch the shuttle bus from Terminals 1, 2 and 3. The designated bus stops can be found outside the arrivals area of each of these terminal buildings.
After collecting your vehicle, simply drive to the exit barrier and insert your ticket. The barrier will then lift, allowing you to drive out of the car park. People who leave their vehicle for longer than the period they booked for will receive an extra charge when they depart.

Short Stay Special Heathrow Terminal 1

Passengers who want to park right next to Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 1 for a short period of time should check out the Short Stay Terminal 1 Car Park. This special self-parking compound is particularly convenient for people who want to stop off at Terminal 1 quickly while they pick up or drop off a friend, family member or associate.

This convenient car park is also ideal for people who are taking a short trip from Heathrow Airport. It is possible to leave your vehicle here for several days if required, and people who are arriving back to the airport late at night are particularly well served.
Most compounds employ a shuttle bus that only runs on demand between midnight and 05:00 or so. However, no transfer is required as Terminal 1 can be reached on foot in between one and five minutes. Passengers who make use of this parking facility will be able to retain their keys while they are away from their vehicle.

People who arrive at the parking facility simply take a ticket at the barrier and park their vehicle. Make sure you take a note of the bay that you have parked in so that you can find your vehicle again later.

When you leave the car park at the end of your trip simply present your ticket at the customer service office along with your booking reference number. The office can be found on the link bridge between level 2 of compound 1A and the departures forecourt.

Blue Badge holders will be able to park in the special bays located on level 2 of the parking facility. Finding the Short Stay Special Terminal 1 parking facility is simple as visitors simply need to make their way to Heathrow Airport and follow the signs to Terminal 1. The car park is well signposted and easy to spot.

People who wish to make use of the Short Stay Special Terminal 1 parking facility should note that the minimum stay allowed for booking in advance is three days. However, people who wish to stay for a shorter period of time should be able to find spaces if they simply turn up on the day.

Short Stay Special Heathrow Terminal 3

Passengers who have booked a flight from Terminal 3 of Heathrow Airport and want to drive their vehicle to their airport can make use of the conveniently located Short Stay Terminal 3 Car Park. The great thing about this car park is that it is located with a five minute walk from the terminal building, which means that vehicle owners will not need to wait around for public transportation or make use of a transfer service.

This parking facility is also ideal for people who are dropping a friend or relative at Heathrow Airport. Motorists can retain their keys after they have located a parking bay and securely parked, which means that they will be able to quickly pick up their vehicle when they return.

A security barrier is in place at the entrance to the car park to monitor vehicles and pedestrians as they enter and leave. To gain access to the Short Stay Terminal 3 car park, simply drive up to the barrier and collect the ticket with your registration details printed on it. This ticket should be automatically issued, but if this is not the case, you will simply need to push a button to receive the ticket. It is always a good idea to make a note of the exact location of the parking bay so that you will not need to waste time hunting for your vehicle when you return.

All vehicles are monitors through CCTV by a team of security staff. Staff also conduct regular patrols throughout the day and night. The Short Stay Special Terminal 3 compound is extremely well lit and has received a special Secured Car Park Award. Disabled passengers who are in possession of a Blue Badge will find special designated bays on level 2.

In order to reach the Short Stay Special Terminal 3 car park, simply drive to Heathrow Airport on Junction 4 of the M4. Follow the signs to the short stay car parks and drive ahead at the traffic lights. You will pass through the main tunnel and will see clear signs leading to the Short Stay Special Terminal 3 car park at the end of the tunnel.

Terminal 4

Business Parking Heathrow Terminal 4

When you are flying out of Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 and every second counts, Business Parking Terminal 4 is an excellent solution. The main benefit of using this service is that the parking facility is located just over a mile from the terminal building and travellers will be able to keep their vehicle with them until the very last minute.

There is a complimentary shuttle bus service available to take customers between the car park and Terminal 4. The journey takes around three minutes in total and is available on a schedule from 05:00 until 23:00 and on demand at other times of the day.

The Business Parking for Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 car park can be found on Scylla Road, which is just off Southern Perimeter Road. Reaching the parking facility is easy as there are plenty of signs to lead the way. All you need to do is travel along the M25 until Junction 14 and then follow the signs to Heathrow Airport and Business Parking Terminal 4.

When you arrive at the Business Parking Terminal 4 car park simply drive up to the entry barrier. A ticket will be printed out with the registration number of your vehicle as well as your allocated parking zone. The parking bays that are offered here are significantly wider than the standard, which gives customers plenty of room to manoeuvre.

When customers return to their vehicle at the end of their trip away their car will be ready and waiting for them exactly where they left it. After climbing inside the vehicle, customers then need to drive on over to the Customer Service office, which can be found next to the exit. Their parking ticket will be quickly checked and validated and they will be free to go on their way once more.

Travellers who opt to leave their vehicle in the Business Parking Terminal 4 facility are assured absolute peace of mind while they are away. A wide range of cutting edge security measures watch over vehicles 24 hours a day and make sure that they stay safe and sound. In fact, this parking facility is so secure that it has won several awards including Park Mark and the Police Gold Award.

Although there are currently no wheelchair ramps or other special facilities for disabled passengers at present, specially trained members of staff are on hand to aid and assist upon request.

Short Stay Special Heathrow Terminal 4

The Short Stay Terminal 4 Car Park is the most practical car park serving the terminal as it is located on site at the terminal building. It is ideal for people dropping off or picking up travellers who are arriving or departing from Terminal 4. Parking at the short term car park is charged hourly as opposed to daily and is intended for quick drops, not mid to long stays. It is possible, however, to leave your car in the car park for the duration of your trip if you wish.

To get to the Short Stay Terminal 4 Car Park simply follow signs for Heathrow Terminal 4. The car park entrance is sign posted from the moment that you are in the vicinity of the terminal building and is very difficult to miss. Arrive at the car park and utilise the push button ticket entry system to gain access. If you have pre-booked then the registration number plate readers will be able to match your car to the booking and access will be granted automatically.

Once you have found a free parking bay and parked your car be sure to make a note of the level and row in which you have parked. The departure and arrivals halls are accessible from the car park so whether you’re dropping off or picking up you will have no problem getting to where you need to go. You keep hold of your car keys when using the Short Stay Terminal 4 Car Park and no shuttle bus journey is required.

When exiting the car park you will be required to pay at a machine. Coins, notes and credit and debit cards are accepted forms of payment. Remember to pay for your car parking ticket before you get back to your car. Alternatively if you wish to pay by card you can do so at the exit barrier.

The car park is monitored by CCTV and has been awarded the Park Mark accreditation. Security patrols are present in the car park 24-hours a day ensuring that all vehicles are safe and secure.

Terminal 5

Long Stay Plus Heathrow Terminal 5

The Official Long Stay Plus Terminal 5 car park is an excellent option for passengers passing through Heathrow Airport that want to be sure that their vehicle is safe and secure. This parking service are professionally run and managed to ensure that everything runs smoothly as you transfer to your flight.

Naturally, this facility implements all the latest security technology such as security fences, CCTV and special barriers. Regular patrols and also conducted in person by members of the team.

To make use of this long stay facility all you need to do is drive to Terminal 5, drop off your car with the car park staff at reception and hop onto one of the regular and efficient transfer buses. These buses run roughly every 10 minutes from 5.30am until 11.30pm. Outside of these times customers can ask for a transfer by using the intercoms located at the bus stops.

The car park is located on Northern Perimeter Road and is simple to find. From the M4 take Junction 4 and follow signs to Heathrow Airport and then to the Heathrow Long Stay Car Park. The route is extremely well signposted the entire way, meaning that there is no need to rely on a SatNav system or any other type of guidance system.

Motorists should make sure that they keep to the right hand side when entering the car park and follow the clear road markings that lead all the way to the reception building that belongs to Long Stay Plus. Next, park the vehicle in one of the open drop-off lanes and report to reception armed with the booking details.

Passengers will now be free to take the shuttle bus to Terminal 5 and board their flight without worrying about what many happen to their beloved vehicle in their absence. When passengers get back to Heathrow Airport they will find their vehicle waiting for them in one of the designated collection bays located outside the reception of the car park.

The Official Long Stay Plus Terminal 5 parking facility comes complete with low floors and plenty of space for wheelchairs. Customers who book in advance can also request use of the special BAA help bus, which is intended for passengers who have mobility problems or a large amount of luggage.

Business Parking Heathrow Terminal 5

Business travellers departing from Terminal 5 of Heathrow Airport can save themselves the hassle of hunting for parking spaces or having to rely on public transportation by booking Business Parking Terminal 5.

The car park is protected by a number of top of the range security measures. All areas are covered by CCTV and surrounded by security fencing. Foot patrols are also carried out several times throughout the day and night, while special barriers carefully control entrance and exit of the compound.

Customers will be able to make use of the complimentary shuttle bus service to Terminal 5 after they have parked their vehicle. This service runs roughly every ten minutes between the hours of 05:00 and 23:00.

Finding the Business Parking Terminal 5 compound is easy as there are clear sighs to lead the way. Simply drive along the M4 to Heathrow Airport and leave at Junction 4. Take a right turn onto Northern Perimeter Road and you will see the compound on the right after passing over two roundabouts.

Motorists who are travelling to Heathrow Airport on the M25 need to exit at Junction 14. Turn left on Western Perimeter Road and follow the signs until you come to the Business Parking Terminal 5 parking facility.

There are several great benefits of using this service. In addition to safe and secure parking, the facility also offers customers convenience. Transferring to Terminal 5 is extremely fast and the shuttle buses are large enough to accommodate all of your luggage. You will be dropped directly at the main doors to Terminal 5, where you will be able to place your bags onto a special luggage cart. First time visitors to Terminal 5 will not need to worry about locating the Terminal or the correct check in desks. The shuttle bus driver will be able to answer any questions you may have and help to make the transfer as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Of course, Business Parking Terminal 5 is also available for people who are off on holiday. The service can be arranged in a mere matter of minutes and is very reasonably priced. Once all the details are taken care of travellers will be free to plan the rest of the journey and can be sure that the vehicle will be in good hands.

Short Stay Special Heathrow Terminal 5

The Short Stay Terminal 5 Car Park is an excellent option for visitors to Heathrow Airport who want to leave their vehicles close to Terminal 5. Visitors can walk to the terminal building in a mere matter of minutes, which means that there is no need to waste time waiting for transportation either to the airport or on arrival.

When visitors arrive at Heathrow Airport, they simply locate the Short Stay Special Terminal 5 car park and drive to the barrier. As they approach the barrier, their license plate will be scanned by a special machine. People who have booked in advance will then be issued with a ticket printed with their reference number. It is also possible to simply turn up and press the button at the barrier to receive a ticket.

After you have parked your vehicle, you should make a note of the level that it is on as well as the lot so that you can locate it again quickly when you return. As customers keep hold of their keys, they can return to their vehicle any time they choose
When you are ready to drive out of the Short Stay Terminal 5 Car Park, you must place your ticket in the slot in the barrier. If you have already booked and paid, the barrier will automatically open, otherwise you must head over to the ground floor to Customer Service office to pay.

The Short Stay Special Terminal 5 car park features special parking lots for Blue Badge holders on each level. These lots are located close to the exits to make them particularly convenient for customers who have limited mobility.

People who make use of this professionally run parking facility can be sure that their vehicle will be watched over at all times. The Short Stay Special Terminal 5 compound is fitted with CCTV and is manned at all hours of the day and night. Regular patrols are carried out to ensure that all vehicles are safe and secure. In fact, the compound is so safe that it has been given the prestigious Secured Car Park Award for excellence.